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Smallest Arduino with Bluetooth LE and IMU

Femto-ize it! There’s no gender bias with the Femtoduino; it’s just a really small Arduino Leonardo clone.

Ho-hum, another clone you say? Not so. The Femtoduino packs on board Bluetooth (BLE), accelerometer, altimeter and a USB port into a 34.54 mm (1.36 inches) wide PCB. At USD $75.00 a pop, it’s obviously more than the price of an Arduino. Or any super-powered MPU, for that matter.  But with…

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Atmel tech powers this CryptoCape

 | Bits & Pieces from the Embedded Design World

So, Edward Snowden has some time on his hands in Russia, and decided to develop a super crypto-protected daughterboard for the Beaglebone Black. OK, the first part’s not true: Edward Snowden doesn’t have time on his hands since he’s very busy looking for an apartment in Moscow and couldn’t possibly have the bandwidth for making a Beagleboard cape.

However, Josh Datko, Sparkfun’s…

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Ecapture Unveils EyesMap, Tablet Built for 3D Scanning

Ecapture, a company based in Mérida Spain, today unveiled their own tablet with extensive 3D scanning and measurement capabilities, called the…

Global Space Balloon Challenge

A wonderful gallery of pix from the recently concluded (April) High-Altitude Balloon competition, with entrants from around the world, from young makers to university students to engineers to old DIYers.

Gallery — Global Space Balloon Challenge.

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Arduino Shield to BeagleBone Black Cape

As wonderful a platform as the Beaglebone Black is, the board is a piker compared to the add-ons available on the Arduino. The Bone’s universe of capes is limited and pretty pricey.

A current devicefrom an engineering team in Germany, though, caught our eye and opened our wallet on Indiegogo: a low-cost daughterboard that makes it…

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Omate TrueSmart Smartwatch Packs the Functionality

It may be trying to do too many things, but the Omate smartwatch looks pretty powerful and slick, nonetheless.