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Arduino Shield to BeagleBone Black Cape

As wonderful a platform as the Beaglebone Black is, the board is a piker compared to the add-ons available on the Arduino. The Bone’s universe of capes is limited and pretty pricey.

A current devicefrom an engineering team in Germany, though, caught our eye and opened our wallet on Indiegogo: a low-cost daughterboard that makes it…

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Omate TrueSmart Smartwatch Packs the Functionality

It may be trying to do too many things, but the Omate smartwatch looks pretty powerful and slick, nonetheless.

Robotics Cape for Beaglebone Black

Although not on the market as of mid-Feb. 2014, this intriguing new add on to the Beaglebone Black promises to provide an array of appealing features for running your robots.

This Robot Arm Can 3D-Print Molten Metal in Midair

Not to belabor the robotic arm and 3D printing meme… However, a near desktop-sized robotic device to print/weld metal in mid-air? For DIYers and entrepreneurs, it’s further proof that 3D printing is reaching beyond the hobbyist-and-doodad stage and moving into a bona fide manufacturing realm.

From Gizmondo.

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This Robot Arm Can 3D-Print Molten Metal in Midair

The only thing cooler than using a huge robot arm to sculpt? Using a huge robot arm to sculpt with liquid hot metal. Joris Laarman Studio's prototype software instructs a robotic arm to recreate 3D models in midair, using molten metals of all kinds.

Full Story: Gizmodo

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Paste Press Solderpaste Dispenser from Pieco and Tindie

Easy to use Paste Press solder dispenser from Pieco.

It’s Cake Boss meets the DIY Printed Circuit…

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A fun project for using Beagleboard Black to run your Christmas tree lights.

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